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Acupuncture for allergies can help you breathe freely and relieve itchy water eyes almost instantly.  Southern Oregon is home to some highly allergenic pollen and molds.  Many residents without a history of allergies complain of seasonal allergies after moving to the valley, or living here for a period of time.   Most often patients receiving treatment for allergies notice a remarkable reduction in their symptoms within seconds of the needles being inserted, and certainly by the time they're removed. 


Relief from symptoms may include an ability to breath through previously clogged sinuses, reduction or elimination of headache, relief from itchy watery eyes, unblock clogged ears, less wheezing and clearer respiration in the bronchi and lungs, with a  sense of "more space", and "not feeling like being underwater anymore".

Chinese herbal formulas used in conjunction with acupuncture treatment to strengthen the effects are specifically tailored to each person's exact pattern diagnosis.  Most commonly, this formula is based on one of the following classical or modern formulas:  xin yi san, cang er san, or qing bi tang.  Most patients are able to dramatically reduce or discontinue their reliance on over-the-counter and prescription allergy medications.

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