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High Blood Pressure

Most patients report a noticeable drop in both their systolic and diastolic pressure within the first acupuncture session.  Many other symptoms also lessen with that drop in pressure.  This may include less intense and frequent headaches, clearer vision, less irritability, and more consistent energy throughout the day.  Some patients are able to work closely with their primary care physician in being able to reduce or even discontinue use of pharmaceutical blood pressure medications.

According to Chinese medical theory, acupuncture treatment works primarily by balancing the qi in the liver.  In Western medicine terms, acupuncture restores parasympathetic tone to the autonomic nervous system, assisting the person (and blood vessels) to relax and increase the elasticity of the blood vessels, thereby lowering blood pressure.  Additionally, acupuncture for high blood pressure helps strengthen and regulate the heart, increase its efficiency and resiliency to stress.  The body's metabolism of water is also regulated with acupuncture, also helping to lower blood pressure.

The use of Chinese herbal formula may be recommended in order to maintain the benefits and results of using acupuncture to treat high blood pressure.  Chinese medicine has recognized and treated these patterns of disharmony for thousands of years, and have proven quite successful in the treatment of hypertension in modern Westerners.

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