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Pain Relief

Acupuncture for pain relief helps in variety of ways and for many different conditions, from back pain to headaches, sprains and strains, stomach aches and menstrual cramps, and the list goes on.  Acupuncture works differently for each person, and has effectively relieved pain for many patients within the first treatment.


Depending on the nature of the condition, many people find relief through a course of treatments, although some are seen regularly to ensure normal function and daily activities.  For chronic conditions like peripheral neuropathy and low back pain, a longer course of treatment is necessary.

Chinese herbal formulas may be recommended to strengthen and enhance effectiveness of treatments.  These formulas rectify qi and/or blood stagnation, and are combined with herbs that guide the actions of the chief herbs to different locations in the body for optimum support.  The benefit of using these formulas work on treating and curing the underlying imbalances that cause the pain.

Many patients have been able to dramatically reduce or eliminate the need for prescription pain medications with acupuncture treatments.

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