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Quit Smoking

Many people come to us with desire to quit smoking.  Choosing acupuncture to quit smoking is a wonderful decision; and the decision to quit smoking is one of the best decisions for your health a person can make!  Using acupuncture to quit smoking can significantly increase the odds of success in quitting.

What's the best way to make use of acupuncture to quit smoking?  We recommend that once you've made the decision to quit, you come in and receive acupuncture every day for the first week.  This daily schedule of acupuncture can help diminish your cravings for nicotine and can additionally help with any symptoms that arise as your body adjusts.  Symptoms such as irritability, insomnia, and constipation can be minimized, making it easier to follow through and remain smoke free.

After the first week, we recommend you receive acupuncture two or three times (second week), and then as often as needed (after that) in order to address cravings or symptoms that linger or persist, and in some cases, newly arise. 


No matter how long you've been smoking, quitting can be a big deal.  And it is possible!  Using acupuncture to help you quit smoking can make it that much easier and more importantly, that you will succeed.

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