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Many people find relief from migraine headaches, and as a viable alternative to pharmaceutical medical interventions.  According to traditional Chinese medicine, pain of any type of blockage of qi, or the body's vital energy.  Qi blockages are caused by a number of different factors, migraine headaches usually fall into a few main types. These include stagnation of blood, often due to trauma or injury (present or past) disharmony of liver and/or gallbladder channels, or an imbalance in (usually) female hormones.

Acupuncture has been observed over the years to be a useful and very effective treatment for migraine headaches. Often times patients report a reduction of pain within seconds of insertion of the needles, and certainly by the time they are removed. Most patients notice a decrease in symptoms including less pain, lessening of visual disturbances, decrease in nausea, and reduction in sensitivity to light and sound.

In our clinic we have observed several patients that have been treated only a few times, that has provided a long term solution. More commonly, patterns of disharmony in the body which lead to migraine headaches is firmly entrenched and a longer course of treatment is needed.

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